Am I Ready to Buy a House?

There is much to consider when buying a house, including the impact on your finances and your quality of life. Learn the risks and rewards, key decision factors, and how to get started.

Is Buying a Home Right for Me?

View our select resources to make a well informed decision about whether buying a house is right for you. Know the risks, costs, and benefits of buying a home.

First Steps to Buying a Home

Learn the first steps to take as you begin your home-buying journey. Learn how much to save for a downpayment, how to check your credit score and more.

Rent vs. Buy a Home

Learn the advantages, the tradeoffs and the potential money savings with renting vs buying a home. See which option makes sense for you.

Rent to Buy Agreements

See if you should rent-to-buy your home. See the pros and cons of this option before signing a rent-to-buy agreement.

Home Buying in the News

View current home buying headlines from trusted news sources including mainstream news organizations, conglomerates, trade publications and more.